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10 lessons I learnt from blogging for a decade

Yass! It has been a decade of blogging... Imagine, how time flies. When I started blogging, it was a hobby. I never thought it would be a 'full-time' job!  How did I start? In the beginning... I stumbled into blogging from another blog. I was going through another blog and came across an icon that read 'start your blog', I clicked on it and that was how I started blogging. It was unplanned.  Being adventurous and curious got me to own a blog. I have always loved to journal my experiences. I did this with paper and pen. With the introduction of Blogger, I decided to go with the flow. To celebrate my 10th year in blogging, I would share 10 lessons I learnt from blogging. Let me digress a bit, it has not been a walk in the park.  There were times I had no content ideas and I left the blog empty but my passion and 'why' for blogging got me going. Okay, so let me share the lessons I learnt in the past ten years as a blogger with 10 Cs below: 1. Creativity Opening a b

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