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Opemipo Ogunkeyede: Acquiring digital skills are gateways to dynamic mindsets

Opemipo Ogunkeyede is a beacon of hope in the world. She is a bright shining light that refuses to go dim. In her own sphere, she is making a global impact. When many tend to shy away from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), she stands as an ambassador for this worthy cause. Young, talented and intelligent, Opemipo is the Founder of The Eco Emissaries, a Non-Governmental Organisation focused on climate action and action on plastic pollution, advancing circular economy, environmental sustainability, projecting the beauty of the environment and its resources across Africa, grassroots and globally.  There is more to Opemipo, she is not the average female or a lazy Nigerian youth . With a knack for creating positive social change, she has many achievements to her credit. Omote Ro Dhe was fascinated with Opemipo's personality, her work, her projects and all she stands for.  Read excerpts of the no-hold-barred chat we had with Opemipo below: Can you tell us more ab

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