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Henrietta Nonye Odey: Competence makes you stand out

Scrolling through newspaper pages or listening to the news, it is not unusual to hear of child abuse and other sexual offences matters. Henrietta Nonye Odey has distinguished herself as a voice for the voiceless, a fighter and advocate for children's protection, sex education and sexual abuse. Her passion is contagious, it is evident in her personal brand and what she seeks to readdress.  Omote Ro Dhe inspired by Henrietta Nonye Odey's good works, caught up with her in an exclusive e-interview to undig more about her and what she is all about. Read excerpts from this interesting encounter below: You are a positive change agent, one passionate about Child Protection Advocate, Body Safety Expert and Anti-GBV Campaigning. What influenced your interest in these areas? There was a time in my life I was afraid to do anything. I didn't have a VOICE. I noticed the injustices around me but I only spoke in my closet, of course, there was no impact there. I was always angered by it,

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