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Yetunde Badmos: Surround yourself with positive influences

Back from a brief hiatus, this edition focuses on women in leadership. In the spotlight is Yetunde Badmos — your not-at-all-average lady. She has so many things going on in her portfolio that show she is a good multitasker.  Yetunde Badmos is a dedicated GIS Analyst, an Honourable member of the University of Ibadan Student Representative Council, a Mental Health Advocate, a Social Scientist, a Humanitarian and a Volunteer. Omote Ro Dhe was drawn to her profile based on the common interests and education we share together. We got 'chitty-chatty' on all Yetunde is all about especially regarding the leadership role she plays in the institution of learning. She had a lot to share regarding the challenges women face in leadership and more.  Read excerpts from the interesting e-interview below: What do you do as an Honourable Member of the  University of Ibadan Students' Representative Council (SRC) 9th assembly? As an honourable member of the Student Representative Council (SRC

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