14 Types of People You Find on Whatsapp Groups

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It was a painful exit, but I had to move on. Knowing I am still guilty of this till now, I have decided to make changes. It was just when I thought I was getting accustomed to the group page that was when I got the shock- they removed from the Whatsapp group just like play.

I could have heaved a sigh of relief with the action. But then, the Whatsapp groups were becoming so many and monotonous on my device. They were killing my battery with their notifications and occupying my storage space. However, after carefully thinking through, I think I didn’t do well to have at least contributed to that particular Whatsapp group because it kind of aligned with my purpose and the members were of like minds, same interest and age group.

I consoled myself that after all I had other several Whatsapp groups I was part of. But really, it could be tasking when there are so many of them and then you decide which is important to stick with. So have you been in a Whatsapp group you were not participating that the administration had to remove you?

 I came up with a list of people you find in Whatsapp group, see them below and identify yourself:

1. The Talkatives
They are the ones who run your phone battery chats with their posts whether relevant or Dr irrelevant. They have something to say. In a way, they give the group life and keep it active. One would wonder if we don't hear from them throughout the day.

2. The Cliques
When a member of the cliques makes a comment, it is hard for another outside the cliche to contribute. It is only for the known cliches. An 'outsider' that tries to join the conversation would be ignored or made to feel they said something inappropriate.

3. The Silent ones
They keep mute. The only work they do is to go through other people's posts and comments.They say nothing probably because they have nothing really to say.

4. The Anonymous
No display picture, no status update.... for crying out loud, it is social media; they supposed to be social but no they are not. They are just been secretive or some would say they are displaying a high level of maturity?

5. The Stalkers
They are there to know what members of the group are up and about. Sometimes they go through the display pictures of members of the Whatsapp group just to feed their curiosity and 'taste buds'

6. The Smileys
They rarely say anything. Most times they use smileys to convey their thoughts. They are very good with the use of smileys.

7. The Rule breakers
Most Whatsapp groups have rules and regulations that guide the group but the rule breakers take no heed. From hate speeches to inciting religious posts to blackmailing posts, they break rules until the admin remove them from the group.

8. The Private chatters
It is group for crying out loud, must they announce that they would private chat another to make others curious or left wondering? They could have silently message whoever they wanted to without letting others know what they what up to.

9. The Bored ones
They are only active on the Whatsapp group to ease their boredom. At other times, they are busy with other activities with little or no time for Whatsapp messaging.

10. The Oppressors
The display pictures are always on fleek. It is a show off of their daily or life activities. This is for mostly the fashionistas or those that engaged with many activities.

11. The Impatient ones
Yes, they are impatient. Who gets added to a Whatsapp group and after one or three posts, leaves? It is more annoying when you make a comment, and suddenly some one leaves the group. You would be like- did I say something wrong?

12. The Lazy ones
They are lazy to type. I mean, how would one still be using social media shorthand to write? That's the height of laziness. Good enough, phones have auto correct to help typing fast, so what's the laziness about?

13. The 'Shellers'
They don't want to be left out. So to show  they have a voice and are 'English professors' in their own right, they end up 'shelling' on the WhatsApp group. Sometimes they are excused because it could have been the fault of their device or autocorrect became autowrong.

14. The Latecomers
They are usually the last to chip in their thoughts so that other members of the group would record that they added their comment. They might just end up starting another chat history.

Who did I leave out? Add yours


Moses said…
Lol... "The Latecomers".
Really?.... You mean you join the chat when it is finished.... that makes the two of us.... lol, so you are not the only one