April fool

His phone beeped,it was a message.He wondered who it was from .It had better be soul lifting or else...having second thoughts ,the message could be from the so-called service provider.He had travelled into his world of dreams only to be awakened early in the morning by the message.Yawning aloud,he picked up his "toy" and read the message -it was an unknown number ,that even made it more interesting,It read: Im Im .......... confused,can we see Im PREGNANT! -Bibi He dropped the phone and exclaimed "Ye kpa!!!"There was only one girl that he addressed that way and he hadn't heard from her for a while.His instincts told him to dial the number instantly but after much thought he called the number he had saved her name with.The phone rang and after so much hesitation,she picked. "I don't understand your text message"He said nervously "Hallo!If I remember well,It was written in Queen's English so what is it you don't understand.Remember that fateful Saturday,February 14th beside the mango tree in the botanical garden???" "Please spare me the details.After the incident you refused to pick my calls or see me....didn't hear from you until now" He looked at the date then paused .It was 1st of April. "April fool!" came the outburst He didn't know whether he should get angry or laugh.She had taken him for a ride and it was an expensive joke. "Nice one........" he managed to say, at least one of his worst fears had been overcome."So can we see..." Before he could get a reply, the conversation was cut short "Oh my Gosh!no airtime"he exclaimed sadly"Too bad"


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