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Flushing it down is not the way to go.Urine has be found to serve many purposes and its uses have been listed below: 1. Urine Therapy – Oral This is a popular Asian practice for good health, and a cure-all especially for colds, flu’s and gout. It is believed that one should drink the first stream of the day, nice hot and steaming to boost one’s immunity. If you do want to try it, you can choose to either drink it straight or mix in with your morning fruit juice, or a glass of water. It’s also good for the teeth as it has bleaching properties. 2. Enhancing Beauty To improve skin quality, it is suggested that a wash in the fluid at least once a week maintains youth, keeps the skin smooth, and protects against most forms of dry skin. This bizarre activity is practiced even today having endured for thousands of years. There are of course the obvious advantages of cost and availability. 3. A Cure for Hangover Urine is said to be the best cure for a morning hangover. Drinking the first stream of urine after an overindulgent night out is said to wake up the energy inside you. 4. For the Garden If you have problems with the neighbors’ cats soiling your garden, the best cure is for the man (testosterone) of the house to catch his first pee in container and empty it out on the targeted area. Some companies sell pellets made from the urine of carnivorous animals such as mountain lions and bobcats. These pellets are then scattered around the garden so as to deter animals like squirrels and domestic cats from marking territory (which they feel have already been marked by bigger animals) in your garden. In addition, one part urine to 10 parts water is a great and free way of fertilizing the garden. 5. Ammunitions Many years ago, stale urine was used to make munitions. The urine was left for more than a year to ferment. The salts formed from this fermentation were then washed and mixed with wood ash, dried out, then added to sulphur and charcoal to make black powder. 6. As Clothes Dye In the past urine has been used as a mordant (this is a substance which helps fabric dye to set, like tannic acid or iodine) to help in the process of dyeing wool. 7. Jelly Fish Stings Actually, urine should not be used as a cure for jelly fish stings since it releases the poisons in the sting rather than retard them. 8. Electricity Physicists in Singapore have published an article in the Journal of Micro-mechanics and Micro-engineering about their success in creating the first paper battery to generate electricity from urine. This paper battery will use the substance it is testing (urine) as the very source of energy used to do the test. They will use this device to test for diseases like diabetes. It will be used by patients to monitor their health from their own sitting rooms (or bathrooms), and would be widely used as it will be cheap and accessible. Read more:


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