Beauty Hurts

 ( Series of Jamb questions)
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Do I need to spend the whole day in saloon just to get my hair done when I could just get a clean cut and enjoy the water coming down my hair during shower?

Do I need to wear girdles to hide my bulging stomach so that people do not mistake me for a pregnant woman?
How about holding my breath while snapping pictures so that my protruded belly does not spoil show?

Do I really have to wear those high killer heels when I could just wear ordinary slippers and feel comfortable?

Do I need to wear tight jeans at the expense of being free and flexible?

Do I need to wear those minis to show my straight legs when I know I would feel uncomfortable when on a bike or even sitting down? As if it is not enough I would occasionally be drawing the skirt down to the knee when it goes up?

Do I need to fix my nails when I know I won't be able to write or wash well?

Do I have to go through multiple piecing on my skin dermis just to get that tattoo?

Do I need to go through another piercing on my ears, nose and mouth?

Do I need to speak "phoney" when I know I communicate best in Pidgin english?

Do I need to use the Brazilian weave to cover one eye when I know it would prevent me from have a perfect view?

Do I need to fix those lashes even when putting them was not child's play?

Do I need to carry big bags in the name of fashion when something portable would have been better?

Do I need the validation of people when I know that I am a beauty?


Unknown said…
Serious talk here ooooo>>>> #Stunned
You sure?
thank for taking your time
Hope i made sense...

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