7 types of people in Nigerian weddings

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Saturdays have become synonymous with weddings. It is day when the groom and bride make their vows to become one and cherish each other. The whole ambience, the colours , the food, the MC, the brides family, the groom family, friends, relations etc add to the success of the day. Some blogs even rub it on the faces of single people with fairy tale weddings that they publish.  That being said, Nigerian weddings can be filled with dramas behind the scenes. Well...there are some regular people you will find at almost every wedding ceremony, here is my list:

1. The brother/Sister of the bride(groom) that is overly busy. He or She is just everywhere coordinating, arranging, running errands, serving food, organising. In short they are everywhere. All guests admire his/ her efforts and see him/her as too efficient. The award for the hard worker goes to them.

2. The glutton: These set of people forgot to eat from home so they start hustling to be served food. They forgot their manners and allow hunger to remove their dignity.  For this people, their motto is me first before others. When served, they satisfy themselves before thinking of other people at the table.

3. The Bitter Aunty: This woman assumes that every single lady present is an enemy of progress. You can’t dance with the couple because she forms an unnecessary banner over the couple. She has an issue with the fact that you are single.

4. The clique: They appear to be advantageous. They bought asoebi. They get the best of seats. They get served food on time. They receive the best souvenirs. The wedding reception was for them oo. You can't join them because they will make you feel like an out cast.

5. The Mogbomoyas (a.k.a where the party @): They are thankful that  the wedding didn't need an IV to make an entrance. These people gate crash and pretend like they were invited when we know they don't know anybody at the wedding ceremony. They blend in easily.

6. The Selfie freak: This person attended the wedding to be snapping pictures to post on social media. He/She wants to show that he or she is the owambe guy/chic. I don't envy such people from beginning to the end of the event; it is selfies all the way. Don't mind me they are having fun, abi?

7. The Networkers: They are on a business mission in a wedding ceremony. As they meet with people they are dropping their business cards advertising their make up business, fashion line, small chops business, photography hustle, souvenirs jobs etc. They do not slack as they want to make money on the go anywhere, anyhow.

Did I forget to mention a particular set of people at wedding functions? Feel free to let me in, itching to hear from you....xoxo


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