Anita Erskine: Africans needs to own their narrative

Ghanaian media personality, Anita Erskine has a grass to grace story. She started off doing menial jobs from sweeping stages to fetching coffee at the studio to copying scripts and the likes. Ambitious and hardworking, she interned on the  'The Bold and Beautiful" talk show. One day, the host of the live show fell sick and someone had to stand in-between. Anita Erskine, who was probably unprepared and dressed for behind the scenes, was called upon to take on the mantle. Even though, it was not her television debut, slowly she launched her career in front of the screen. Her first appearance on Ghanaian TV scene was in 2006, where she hosted TV3's Mentor.

She has started a movement in Ghana. She is using the media to promote the African brand to the world. She championed entrepreneurs by filming over 100 of their stories through the TV series, "Making Of A Mogul," as well as female heroes from the continent with "Sheroes Of Our Time." since 2012. She is passionate about entrepreneurs born and raised on the African continent and people like herself born in Africa and educated abroad. For many years, she has added her voice to the fight for the empowerment of women.

In a feature on Forbes, written by contributor, Meghan McCormick, Erskine was celebrated for her obvious contribution to the young crop of African Entrepreneurs whose boldness, resilience and innovation is “Rebranding Africa” positively. 

She said:

I have always had a calculated business approach towards my work in the Media. I have remained steadfast in what kind of shows I do, and indeed what I put my name on. I remain adamant that Africa needs a certain story to be told and I believe we, as Africans have to OWN that narrative. Our problems and the plethora of voids we bare on the continent, have to be solved and filled by us! It is my mission to celebrate those who do this impeccably…for me, that is where my career moments of pride are!” 

Anita is daughter to former Ghanaian soldier and politician, Lieutenant General Emmanuel Erskine and Mrs. Rose Erskine. She was born in Jerusalem and raised in Ghana. In Ghana, she was once a Corporate Communications Director of Tigo owned by Millicom.She has also worked with Viasat 1 and Starr FM.

She holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies from Trent University.  Anita was a presenter on DSTV Studio 53 where she hosted TV shows; Making of a Mogul, Pamper Your Mum and Cooking With.

For her hardwork and contributions to the media, she has received several awards and recognition. Presently, she is the CEO of Anita Erskine Media which has worked with brands such as; Nestlé, Vlisco, Ecobank Transnational, Surfline, Unilever, Vodafone, the Fidelity Bank, the Standard Chartered Bank under its portfolio.

photo credit: @theanitaerskine


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