Toyin Adekola: Social Media has created endless possibilities

Toyin Adekola is the proverbial three-in-woman, who is well grounded in family, work and business. She is the founder of Fit and Profit, the go-to website for businesses related to content creation, social media management, website setup/revamp, social media planning, consultation, business blogging, lead generation, virtual assistance and more.

This astute civil servant manages her own business without interference. The testimonials streaming from her clients shows that she is good at what she does. Being very approachable, she didn't give Omote Ro Dhe a 'tough time'  getting her for  this no hold barred chat....

As Toyin Adekola talked about her brand, career, business, philosophy, fashion taste and more, she also shared wisdom nuggets for those looking up to her.

 Read excerpts below:

* What is your philosophy in life, values and principles?

I believe that our minds play a huge role in our lives. What you believe, you manifest. So for this, I usually think positively and set my mind on positive outcomes in whatever I do. 
I say things the way they are. I give respect to any person regardless of age or position but the respect wanes still regardless of age or position if the person turns out to be a hypocrite, someone who cheats and is dishonest.

* Have you been in any situation where you had to compromise your values and faith? How did you deal with that?

I've never been in such situation. If it happens, it would be resolved accordingly without compromise to my faith and integrity.

* You are a civil servant, content manager and wellness blogger. How do manage your time to do all of these?

I have a non rigid daily to-do list that I use to keep track of my activities. I do as much as I can of what needs to be done and move the rest to the next day. Nothing serious, I just go with the flow. This is so because I don't start seeing myself as doing too much and then becoming redundant due to fear of burnout. However, I always try to clear my desk at my 9-5 job to enable me focus on my businesses and other things that I have to do

* What informed your decision to create content and products to help businesses thrive?
I worked in several industries and I noticed a similar case of burnouts amongst business owners especially startups. The content creation aspect of my business is to help them get the word out about what they do (because in most cases, this is not the area of my target audience) so they can focus on perfecting their offers. My physical products are created to help entrepreneurs and busy professionals relax and relief stress after a long day. I also create the ones that can help them stay focused, and in good spirits throughout the day. So, my broad aim is to help these people get things done without burnouts

What are the challenges you face in the course of your job? How are you overcoming?

Time management because sometime I plan my day and all the distractions come to disrupt it. However, I don't allow this to deter me as I still do as much as I could do in a day. It can get better and I am aiming for better time management. 

* These days, many people are creating contents and selling products on social media, how can a person stand out? 
 The number one way to stand out on social media is to do your own thing. Do not copy what others are doing. You can learn from them and adapt what you learn to your own content but don't copy. If you do, you would just blend in and also hurt your brand integrity. 

 * Social media is one of the biggest thing to happen to this generation, do you see it as a pain or gain? Why?
I believe that you get from social media what you put into it, or let me put it this way, you get what you look for. If you look for the gain in it, you will see it. Likewise if you look for the pain, you will get it. I see it as a gain because I have gained financially and met awesome people on social media. It has also created endless possibilities that I am still exploring for my businesses

How do you also create work-family balance?

I don't take my 9-5 work home. I also set specific time frame for working on my businesses so there's ample time for life and family.

* What would you like to be known for?

The one with the positive vibes :) 

* Any personal experience that helped shaped the person you are today?
I grew up in a dynamic environment so I am able to easily adapt to people and situations. Also, I am more of an indoor person which is one of the major reason I read and write a lot.

* How do you relax when not working?
I write, read or sleep based on my mood. 

* What is your favourite mantra?

Good things will always come my way. 

*  What can't you leave home without?

My mobile phone, notepad and black pen.

* Describe your personal style?
I prefer subtle colors

* Do you have mentors? If yes,what qualities do you look out for in them?
No, I do not have mentors. However, there are people I look up to especially online. I follow their blogs and get inspired by their consistency. Seth Godin and Chris Drucker are among these people.

* Personal advice for those looking up to you in  the media industry?

Always be yourself 

Always be positive

Don't wait for the perfect time to get started, there's no perfect time.