#NigeriaAt59: Here is why I love Naija

Maybe this post came at the wrong time because  Nigerians are not smiling presently. However, let me say that I am a proud Nigerian to the core regardless.  I would never deny my nationality for anything. Nigeria may be facing issues from corruption to greed to poor leadership and the likes but there are many goods in the midst of the ills.  Do you know we have best brains in this part of the world?  The likes of Philip Emegwali, Akinwumi Adesina, Oby EzekwesiliChike ObiProf. Alele Williams to mention a few need no introduction.

Here are my reasons for rocking my green passport and green white green flag any day anytime:
 Nigeria is strategically positioned in Africa. More so, it is the most populous black nation and the giant of Africa.  This makes it very attractive for business investments.

Nigerians can adapt easily to any situation. Even in the phase of fuel scarcity and epileptic power supply, Nigerians are still keep up and going about their various activities normally. Somehow, we still device strategy on how to charge our phones and laptops, watch T.V and listen to radio. There is always fuel station that we are lucky to get fuel or one neighbour whose inverter can be used for this activity. Someone actually said that he goes to the bank to charge his phone while pretending to be a customer. Others have one way of managing the fuel crisis.

Nigerians make good use of opportunities. Everything and anything is a business venture. Have you been traffic and someone appears and  starts cleaning your windscreen? That's a business for him. What of construction of bridges in flooded areas? Someone literally turns this pseudo bridge to his means of livelihood, collecting toll fee. One day when it rained continuously, someone turned the use of umbrella as a money making venture. He would walk you to the bus-stop with his umbrella for a token?

Nigerians have good sense of humor. These days comedy is making waves. More and more people are going into comedy. After a stressful day, listening to Nigerian comedians using everyday occurrences and happenings as jokes is comic relief to a stressed mind.

Nigerians are industrious. We love doing many things. Jack of all trades, master of all. You would see a banker that is also into shoe trading and makeup business. A man who is the principal of a school has his wife managing the school bookshop. His daughters are in charge of the school cafeteria. Then his sons are the account officers. This same man is also into consulting and import and exports. Sometimes, it is difficult to say what one does because one does many things.

Nigerians are creative. If you doubt google the likes Chinua Achebe( Of blessed memory), Chimamanda AdichieCobhams AsuquoClarence PetersKaffy, and many more. Nollywood is one of our greatest import. It has opened doors. Listened to Tonye Cole speak at a seminar of how he was granted preferential treatment because of Nollywood and his nationality in Mozambique even without a visa.

Do you remember " My Oga at the top" era? Someone turned it into a money making venture and started making shirts with the inscription. Do you also remember "Na only you waka come?" popularised by the former first lady. Heard a song on radio by an artiste who used those words to make a hit song.

Nigerians have rich culture. With over 300 languages, Nigerians are very peculiar. Their native dialects, lifestyle, ceremonies, festivals, dress sense all add up to make Nigeria one of the best lands. The native food would always stand out. Chinese and American cuisine might be very tasty but can not be substituted for local delicacies. Banga and starch, amala and gbegiri , poundo yam and egusi, tuwoshikafa always have their way in my stomach.

Nigerian tourist attractions are well placed globally. No wonder we have tourists from far and wide visiting from time to time to behold their beauty and gift of mother nature. Some of music videos of Nigerian artistes are shot there. Olamide's "abule sowo" video was shot in Olumo rock.  Others too have done so.The likes of Olumo rock in Abeokuta, Zuma rock in Niger state, Erin Ijeshawaterfall in Osun state, great walls of KanoOban hills in Cross Rivers state to mention a few.....all add up to create a wonderful scenario of  the Nigerian landscape.

Nigerian women are tenacious and prove to be good home managers, mothers and entrepreneurs. The likes of Ibukun AwosikaProf. Alele Williams,Tara Fela Durotoye, Adesuwa Onyenokwe, Olajumoke Adenowo, Joe Okei-Odumakin to mention a few show that you can be a woman and still have and maintain it all- family, career, education, religion, business and looks.  Their stories inspire me. Nigerian women are A-list dressers and this goes for the men too.

This post could not have been more appropriate than on independence day....I have the burning desire to stay true to being a proud Nigeria. I just had to let it out! Indeed,Nigeria is the best land....Awooo!


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