Juliet David: I make impact at every chance I get

Radio/TV Broadcast Journalist, Juliet David aka JayDee D Duchess has over a decade experience on radio. To add to her portfolio,She is a multi-talented voice over actor, compere, event host, content Writer  and analyst. It doesn't end there. She also doubles as a personal brand consultant and general media merchandise.

The Diplomat and Linguist graduate, who is full of life, loves people  and places. One fashion item she loves to splurge on is shoes. Omote Ro Dhe had a interesting chat with this diva, see excerpts below:

*Can you briefly take us through your journey into Broadcast journalism? 

I started off as an Intern in 2008 at Rhythm 93.7FM Port Harcourt. I was just a raw talent that had just graduated from PEFTI Wale Adenuga where I studied basic TV presentation when a certain renowned sport broadcast journalist by name Gbenga James aka King James, discovered me. He introduced me to the then Rhythm 93.7 crew where I was first trained by another broadcast journalist by name Monica Ogwa and Segun Owolabi. I later moved to radio Nigeria treasure FM Port Harcourt through another veteran broadcast journalist by name Jackson Wenigha aka the family man who said to me- "You need to be properly trained". And so it was that I got really properly trained at Radio Nigeria, Treasure 98.5 FM Port Harcourt. I must say today that they made me who I am in the broadcast industry today and I am forever grateful to that platform.

* When did you get your big break in the media industry?
I climaxed in my career in 2015-2016 when I single- handedly started and managed Mega Band 97.5 Fm, Now 97.3FM ,Owerri as the Head Of Station, and Operations. And later in 2017, I joined Comfort 95.1 FM, Uyo where I anchored, the most popular show on the station "Comfort Zone" in 2017.

In 2018, I became a CEO to a registered brand Jaydee D Duchess Empire(a media and personal brand consulting company, shortly after moving to Lagos. Moving from my terrain "South South" side of Nigeria , and on boarding the Lagos market and joining Nigeria's first full high definition(HD) station- Hi-Impact Television, was the most challenging. 

I rocked the screen ,with my expertise and gorgeous skin colour undiluted as both a presenter, producer and associate director ,on The Lunch Break Live Show "Mid Day Special". Recently, I joined , Tividey, an African Television Network as the host of Nigeria's, first Tech Show. 

*Where did you have your huge breakthrough in the media industry ?

The only reason I left the Federal Radio Service  was because I wanted "work flexibility" as that could only be found in the private stations. 
In 2012/2013, I became Akwa Ibom's favorite OAP At Uyo's First Private Radio ,Planet 101.1 Fm Uyo. There I anchored a self-produced live show "Planet Cruise and Chats", which was aired live on the station. My huge break came from there. The second was when I became Head of Station at Mega band 97.5 FM Owerri where I single-handedly managed the daily runnings of the station and staff welfare.

*What were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome?

The only moment I have experienced an incredible overwhelming situations and challenges where when I worked in a certain TV station and I felt under used and began to question my experience in the job and all well eventually when I couldn't cope with all of the overwhelming situations of not working my capacity I resigned.

*Some radio hosts are known to have fake accents, take bribes to promote upcoming artistes and get involved in other unethical practices, what can be done to correct this anomaly in the broadcasting industry? 

Well......most employers do not really know the basic techniques of broadcasting which entitles professional broadcast trainings from veterans to be a broadcast journalist. They just hire whomever they feel has a nice voice and irritating accents, which most of the times they are cheap or are crazy about being heard on radio because the real professionals are expensive. However, not all accents on radio is wrong. Some are the right pronunciations and some accent are gift from God I would always say if you're an OAP as they call it these days and you do not know transcription or understand that for proper pronunciations you need your Daniel Jones aka DJ aka broadcast bible then you're just another bad flavor in the industry.

* What is your daily routine like?

Hmmm.....my daily routine these days are so easy and free as I work just only a few hours and not everyday.

*The media industry is quite competitive. What would you attribute to your staying relevant?

I keep it professional and flexible. I also try to impact at every single chance I get cause I was impacted upon.

* Who are some of the people who inspired you over the years?

The list is endless but I'll give to my radio Nigeria veterans people like Jones Usein aka citizen Jones, Bouyefa Uzaka aka the Poise man, Tonye Weris aka Uncle Tblack ,Tombra Abarowei. The list is looooooong and Funke Treasure and a few of my peers in the industry all this names stated here are my daily doze of inspiration

*On a lighter note, what song is currently on repeat on your playlist?

Hmmmm....my playlist is not regular at all as I play whatever my mood demands but at the moment audio money is on repeat!

* How do you unwind after a long week/day?

I hangout with friends at any karaoke spots you'll catch at lounges a lot!

* What advice do you have for young ladies venturing into the media industry?

Believe in yourself and be open to mentorship allow yourself to be taught.


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