9 Types of people during the coronavirus lockdown

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Late last year, if you were like me, when the news of the novel pandemic coronavirus showed its ugly face, you probably brushed it aside thinking it was another news that would fade away. Well, that is not the case anymore. What started as an epidemic has grown to be a globally acclaimed pandemic altering the lifestyle of humans. Both the rich, the poor, the young and the old are affected. No-one is spared.

The World Health Organisation(WHO) China office initially got hold of the unknown virus behind several pneumonia cases affecting people in Wuhan, a city in Eastern China with over 11 million people. After which the figures of those infected with the disease and death tolls began to rise, spreading to other continents. Based on reports, presently the United States has surpassed China with the total number of cases.

Although the source of the coronavirus is yet unknown, it has been linked to animals. Sources claim that the diseases emanated from a Wuhan seafood market where wild animals such as bats, rabbits, birds, marmots, and snakes were sold illegally, It is assumed that coronavirus infected the stallholders from the seafood market who contracted it from their contact with the wild animals. That was the mode of transmission.

Humans have been forced to adopt new lifestyles. ‘Social distancing’ is now the order of the day since the disease spreads fast through physical contact especially through dry cough and fever. 

Many businesses have been forced to shut down or adopt the work from home alternative. Some others like hand sanitisers and face masks factories have been smiling to the bank with the increase in demand for their products. Food stuff has also skyrocketed. What do you expect when panic buying heightened with the impending lockdown as at then?

Now that the lockdown has been extended, it leaves us uncertain of what the future would present. Those worst hit are the less priviledged, with little or nothing to survive daily. We also can't ignore that many are left to suffer from mental to physical issues breakdown.

Eversince the government directed the lockdown to contain the spread of the disease to save lives, there have been different responses and behaviours to the coronavirus outbreak.  

Here is a rundown of different people during the coronavirus lockdown, you might be:

*The Bored
Everywhere seems to be ‘dry’. They can’t go out anymore. They are ‘tied’ to their houses. Even the workdays they dreaded seem of special appeal now. Staying at home makes little sense to them. Whether there is electricity, they still don’t feel any spark of excitement. Even social media is not fun as to used to be. They are just tired of the same routine daily. Nothing seems to catch their interest.

*The Intercessors
This is the perfect period to intercede for their families, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and the nation at large. They are spreading the message of hope. With them, one can only stay prayerful and believe that the phase of the coronavirus pandemic shall soon pass. They hold intercessory sessions on social media with prayers. For them, it is not in God’s agenda to witness the world in such turmoil. They back their beliefs with passages that support that the creator would see us through.

*The Pseudo-journalist
If they were paid for the rate at which they broke the news of the coronavirus pandemic updates, they would be millionaires. These people are so passionate about spreading information about the disease. Sometimes, it is fake news or to instill fear. Sometimes it is better to switch and turn to other uplifting news.

*The Hopefuls
They remain undeterred by the surrounding situation. They bring the message of hope and stir faith. For them, chaos precedes great changes. They bless our timeless with words of encouragement that removes fear and build faith. 

*The Grumblers
They are good at fault finding. Everything is wrong. The president addresses his citizens, they complain, he doesn’t; they complain. The government tries to ensure the safety of lives; they look for loopholes. They are just dissatisfied with the whole system. They bring it home- food would soon finish; the lockdown is terrible, their jobs are affected...everything is a problem for them. They are difficult to please. They have found a good time to lament.

* The "Hibernators”
They believe this is the perfect time to work on themselves. They keep quiet. Nobody knows what they are up to. Meanwhile, they are doing workouts, expanding their knowledge reservoir, taking online courses, learning new recipes and languages. By the time they come out, they would daze you with their level of capacity building.

* The “I can’t kill myself geng
Life is a party. They can’t be bothered. If it is to sleep, they don’t mind. If it is to eat, they eat like there is no tomorrow. They are unbothered. Their motto is whatever will be, will be. Their zest for life is extra. They are in another world.

*The Policy changers
They are very proactive. They have already visited the future. They know what would happen post coronavirus pandemic. They know what policies they would place in businesses, governments, homes, churches, and mosques when the disease disappears. Maybe we should call them our economists? They already know the businesses that would thrive, the human lifestyle and all that would happen when coronavirus is over.

* The Adventurers
They are not laid back. In this period of the lockdown, while some others are on social media 24/7, they have found other ways to socialise. They are discovering new apps, new websites, new skills, and new tools. They cannot be bored. In fact, they made the lockdown for them. They seek to use to the fullest and come out happier and more exposed than they were.

Which one are you? I know I left some out, please share in the comment section?


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