Abi Kasim wins the FACE of AFWL 2020

In a competition full of drama; coronavirus uncertainty and some mild...shall we say...fixing of votes, a popular face emerged to lead the pack of finalists.
84 entrants from across the UK had entered the Face of AFWL2020 competition when COVID-19 paralysed the country. Our friends in the events industry were cancelling their own shows in light of quarantine and lockdown.  The world was plunged into uncertainty and worry.
The AFWL team had to make a decision quite quickly - continue with the competition or scrap it? Would we be able to fulfil our commitment to the prizes or not? Ultimately, would we even have an AFWL2020 event in August?  We decided to bring a little light to our followers and forge ahead in hopes of better times.

Abi, a 23 year old tax consultant from London, was nowhere near a favourite of the public voting choice when it was discovered that there had been some suspicious online activity. Stopping the voting system and moving to an executive choice of finalists, have them film an entry video, then a social media poll was the only fair way forward.

So 4 entrants were chosen to go forward:

Nadia, a proud Hijabi and seasoned modest model from London. Gorgeous, engaging and in love with all cultures, Nadia represented our many Muslim followers and we loved her incredible sense of style

Amani, from Bedfordshire, a half Kenyan, half British model. Stunning looks - and hair - Amani wanted to explore her culture in fashion.

Muni was our East African princess. Currently studying in Amsterdam, Muni was not only beautiful but full of love for the world. So popular with on our social media that there was a point where she could have snatched the crown.  

And our new queen, Abi Kasim.  Congratulations Abi!  Enjoy your success!
Founder of Africa Fashion Week London and Nigeria, Princess Ronke Ademiluyi said: "
"We are so delighted for her! She's thoughtful, intelligent, full of elegance and grace - she's going to be a perfect ambassador. We can't wait to introduce her to the AFWL family and network and have her part of AFWL's 10th Anniversary celebrations!"
Assuming life goes back to normal soon, Abi wins:
  • a photo and videoshoot; styled and dressed in AFWL designer outfits, hair and makeup and generally fussed over and pampered;
  • a place on the model casting panel to chose who should be on the AFWL2020 catwalk; and
  • her own place on the AFWL2020 catwalk. *
*  Prizes to be deferred if Africa Fashion Week London has to postpone or delay AFWL2020 to another date.
All Face of AFWL2020 Entrants will be invited to the AFWL model casting.  Date to be confirmed.


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