Victoria Fairclough: Knowledge is no longer the key to success

Beautiful,ever-cheerful and smiling, Victoria Fairclough is a people's person- the type of person you want to be around. She carries an aura of radiance that is very contagious. Besides having an admirable personality, she has an impressive profile with career history as a communicative executive with over 14 years experience. This includes a complimentary 3 years in Television production.
Despite her busy schedule, Vicky obliged Omote Ro Dhe for a chat and shared her wealth of experience/wisdom nuggets from her career path, passion for women, fashion taste, personal life and more.

Read excerpts below:

*You are a passionate and results-oriented communication executive with over 14 years experience, what drives you?

Generating great results and feeling appreciated and valued. My instinct is that most people want to do their best and be appreciated for it - it’s a universal human trait.

*What does Public Relations mean to you?

Communications comes in all shapes and sizes - and the advent of social media continues to evolve how we interact with each other - for better or worse. Public relations are a way for companies, brands or people to proactively and reactively manage and protect their reputation. Good public relations rely on a positive relationship with journalists and other influencers to shine the brightest light possible on a news story. It’s a nuanced skill with a high return-on-investment which isn’t always fully understood or valued. In my, obviously biased opinion, while advertising can give n instant increase in sales, good public relations can give a brand long-term credible value and desirability.

*Do you encounter challenges in the workplace? How did you overcome?

I’m a firm believer that people are the root of most joy and most of the problems we experience in life! I deal with challenges on a daily basis at work and I find if you have a good working relationship with people across your business, external stakeholders and influencers most issues can be resolved quickly and pain-free. For those tricky people - having an honest and open conversation about the mutually beneficial best way to work together usually irons out any wrinkles. Knowledge is no longer the key to success - its personal relationships. If you don’t spend time nurturing your working relationships and improving your emotional intelligence - you will never truly succeed in the workplace.

*Why do seek to mentor women in their career path?

I believe we should all help and support one another - and that it’s important to give back and share your knowledge and skills with others. In my experience, women tend to struggle more than men with getting a mentor or sponsor for their career - so I feel it’s doubly important for women to support and elevate each other.


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