TheSevenSeries: 7 Business Lessons we picked from Beauty Entrepreneur, Tara Fela-Durotoye

This month, we deviate to our Seven Series as we shine the spotlight on trendsetters and amazons- one of such people is Beauty entrepreneur and lawyer, Tara Fela-Durotoye. There is no way we would mention the bridal makeup profession in Nigeria without mentioning her name for she was the pioneer in launching the first bridal directory in 1999. 

Tara went ahead to establish international standard makeup studios and the first makeup school in Nigeria. As the founder and CEO of House of Tara International, she has created the Tara Orekelewa Beauty range, inspired perfume and the H.I.P beauty range of products. In 1999 alone, her brand House of Tara had 270 products, 23 stores, 14 beauty schools and 10000 representatives spread across Africa. The multiple award-winning beauty entrepreneur has been listed by Forbes as one of the "20 Young Power Women in Africa" in 2013 and "Africa 's 50 Most Powerful Women" in 2020. An alumnus of the Lagos Business School Chief Executive Programme, INSEAD Abu Dhabi, Yale University, The Stanford SEED Transformation Programme and the Harvard Kennedy School, she is also a member of the France/Nigeria Investment Club which was incorporated by French President, Emmanuel Macron in 2018.

Here are 7 business lessons we picked from  Tara Fela -Durotoye:

1. Developing leadership traits

Right from an early age, Tara developed the desire to lead with the desire to succeed. She was made the Snaitary 6 Welfare Prefect in Form 5. She did not run away from leadership opportunities. She saw them as an opportunity to harness her skills and become a person of influence. As a leader, she was able to groom her social skills. She resolved to be independent and build her own life lacking nothing.

2. Going the extra mile

When Tara started her beauty company, she decided she would go the extra mile by offering her services to as many people as possible. Sometimes she would go as far as not charging a dime for services offered. When people saw that she was consistent and persistent, they complimented her work. The more she offered probono services, the more people talked about her and the more referrals she got.

3. Taking risks

According to her, entrepreneurship is for the bold and daring. It involves a lot of risks taking. Entrepreneurship comes with taking a lot of unknown steps that one is unsure where they made lead to. For this reason, entrepreneurs need a strong support system and encouragement from loved ones. Her business decisions were influenced by her Christian faith. She saw her business as a channel for propagating the kingdom of God.

4. Applying biblical principles

Her business prospered because she was applying biblical principles of hard work, tithing, focus, and first fruits among others. All these formed the core of her business value system. They were indicators that anyone can apply to ensure success in business or any endeavour in life. These were her recipe for a successful business.

5. Having a big vision

Tara had a big vision, one that impacts, empowers and develops people. She looked beyond herself and thought of how to invest in people. Her vision was not all about making money but creating wealth. If her focus was all about making money, she would be where she is or where she does not want to be. Her business was empowering, enabling and developing.

6. Investing in people

She realised that business expansion is a function of the kind of people you have. So her focus was on finding people and ensuring there were systems in place that they can run wherever they are.

7. Leaving a legacy

Tara is leaving her imprints on the sands of time as someone whose story was an inspiration to many people; someone whose life was worthy of emulation.