Unveiling Global Soundscapes: Camilla Lubatti's Journey from Italian Roots to New York Beats

Camilla Lubatti

In the world of music, some simply play tunes, and then some craft experiences. Camilla Lubatti, a true cosmopolitan spirit, belongs to the latter category. Born Italian but driven by an insatiable love for sound, she has spent her entire lifetime collecting and sharing music from all corners of the globe.


Camilla's passion for music was deeply rooted in her family tree. Her father, Bruno Lubatti, was a respected guitarist in the Italian Progressive Rock scene of the 70s-80s, and his musical spirit has left an indelible mark on Camilla's artistic journey. This influence is evident in her eclectic musical style, which seamlessly weaves between classic old-school records and the newest sounds of today.

What makes Camilla truly exceptional is her ability to immerse herself in the vibrant music scenes of various cities, from the alleys of Turin to the streets of Lisbon, the clubs of Boston, and the heart of New York and Brooklyn, where she now resides. Her performances have graced stages in cities all over the world, leaving audiences spellbound with her spacey and acid-heavy sets, punctuated by bass-driven, uplifting beats at just the right moments.

But Camilla's contributions to the music world go beyond her live performances. She has generously shared her passion for music by recording podcasts and DJ sets for collectives spanning the globe, from Peru to Canada, Lebanon to the United States, and of course, her beloved Italy.

In 2021, Camilla achieved a remarkable milestone in her career with the successful launch of "Encrypted," a series of music events in New York that quickly gained recognition for its unique atmosphere and international musical talent selections. This initiative served as a turning point in her musical journey, paving the way for the impending launch of her own record label.

Camilla Lubatti's unwavering dedication to her craft continues to inspire music enthusiasts worldwide. Her ever-evolving creativity, unique energy, and cosmopolitan spirit make her a true trailblazer in the world of music. Stay tuned for more of Camilla's adventures and discoveries as she takes us on a journey from her Italian roots to the heart of New York's pulsating beats via:



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